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Extrusion Dry Composite Coating Line

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Extrusion & Dry Composite Coating Line

│ Specification │

-Application : Tape, Paper, Film
-Width of Web : 500~2500m/m
-Width of Roll : 600~25100m/m
-Max. Diameter Un-Winder & Re-Winder : ∮ 250~1400m/m
-Screw : ∮80~140mm
-L/D: 29:1~36:1
-Drying Method : Electric Heater, Gas Burner, Thermal Oil, Gas
-Max. Line Speed : Max. 300m/min
-Working Speed : Max. 250m/min
-Driving Motor : DC Motor, AC Vector Motor

│ Company introduction │

JungWon Machinery Co., is a manufacturer of Dry Coating Machine and Single Extrusion Laminating Machine, Tandem Extrusion Laminating Machine, Extrusion & Dry Composite Coating Line, Slitting Machine based on long outstanding presence and great wealth of technology with more than 20years of experience and knowhow.
JungWon Machinery Co.,Ltd is striving for the pioneer of in the field of advanced plastic processing machinery and top-end quality that is willing to do the best to embody customers' maximum interests, coping with their demand optimally and effectively.
We always keep an eye on the customers' opinions with open mind in any circumstances.